Saturday, February 7, 2009

2009 Dream Home Studio

A happy surroundings really supporting the creativity.
I do enjoy the interior aspect and the studio comfort factor and found it rather inspiring.
Lately, I'm thinking, If I were starting up again (or win a lottery )..may be I'd start with just:
- A powerful PC with a single 22" LCD, using a decent PCI express VGA card, running sonar 8 PE, plus:
* a Sonic Core XITE-1 + Solaris 5 and other synth plug-ins
* a TC powercore Express + Virus, MD3, Harmony4 plug in (I love vocal harmony)
- Kurzweil PC3x 88 weighted keys and the free editor
- CME UF 70 76 synth action keyboard controller + ASX board
- A Korg Wavedrum + Charlie Labs Digitar which I currently own
- Adam Audio active speaker monitor + sub woofer
- A decent headphone + Some decent mics
- Small Digital/USB2 mixer (+ high quality audio cables) with fx
- an 8 in/out USB midi interface
- A rack for some of my current analogs such as:
MKS-70 + PG-800
Pulse+, BSR, MED (doubled as analog filter processors)
- Analog pedals such as: Rat's and BOSS Hyperfuzz and SYB-3
- A bunch of plug-ins (including freebies) such as:
Korg Legacy collection, Proteus VX, etc

THAT's about it.
Less Cables
Less Hassles
Less Maintenance
and more energy for the creativity and budget for the room's acoustic and other comfort factor

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