Sunday, October 17, 2010


KAOSSILATRON is my new Album, dedicated to KORG.

The album was exclusively made using the Korg Monotron and the Kaossilator Pro as Loopers/Sampler/Recorder, sound source and live performance tools. Thus the music are un-quantized, with no undo either. All about, spontaneous performance, live pattern switching, gate arpeggiator and pattern length changing on the fly. Almost feel like playing a pinball table and that's the idea behind the Kaossilatron album and cover design. There's even a song called Pinball in the album, specially made for Pinball lovers as myself :O)

Some of the songs are also featuring me doing beatbox and playing several Indonesian Traditional Bamboo Instrument, such as: Angklung, Gambang, Suling and Pripitan.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CLeBo = Clever Board

Guys, Please check out my latest invention.
CLeBo ; aka Clever Board, an educational Game Board for: Motivation, Visualization, Moral, Simple Math and Strategy. Suitable for 6 years and above, including adults.
Available NOW in Gramedia and soon in Gunung Agung and Paper Clip.
Only for Rp. 69.000,-

Please join us on face book and visit the Official CLeBo Web Site:

Thank you.